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Saturday, December 04, 2004

Caution: TOTALLY Random

Ok so I have to begin with a comment about the homes with outrageous amounts of Christmas decorations. I'm not trying to be Grinch-like or anything, I understand this is the season to be jolly and whatnot, but every year some overly zealous homeowners take it upon themselves to buy every gaudy Christmas decoration Wal-Mart has to offer and then proceed to turn their front yards into the largest aesthetic nightmare I have ever seen. (Run--or travel if you're not the running type--down Lawrence, and you'll see what I mean. lol Elaine, Mir, and Ashley) You would think that taking out a second mortgage to pay their electric bill for December would be enough to make them tone it down, but apparently not. I'm sorry if I've offended anyone who is fanatically festive, but I just have to say it. Less is more people, less is more.

*~Moving On~*

Wow, that little divider just transformed this from a blog to a jr. high note. Memories....

Now, getting to the real reason I sat down to write this blog. I've never been one for Pity Parties. Those who prefer to marinate in their own misery are just digging further into a cut--causing themselves more pain and extending the healing process. I don't see any logic in that, so I prefer "Get Your S*** Together" parties. After the physical breakdown I had Thursday after practice, and the emotional one I had Friday evening, I think I need to start making some serious priority decisions. However, with the onslaught of finals looming, I'm not sure now is the time to be making important decisions. All I know is that I took on too much this semester and my mind and body staged a protest that was not very pleasant.

The last time my body wigged out like it did on Thursday, I ignored it and kept pluggin along and the next thing I knew I had tendonitis in 6 places. BAM! Just like that. If you want to see a DISMAL Karen, take away her ability to run.

Mental Breakdowns, on the other hand, I experience pretty regularly. I know that's probably not good but it's just because I can't seem to take my dreams one at a time. Instead I charge full speed ahead at every one of them and then end up out of gas about half way there. Thus, I take a break at Hyperventilation Station and then I'm on my merry overkill way.

So basically I know the cause of the effects I experienced this past week...I just don't have a solution to prevent these things from occurring. Nor do I have enough brainpower to come up with one AND do well on my finals. Therefore I just hope I make it to Christmas Break in one piece and then I'll come up with a more efficient way to achieve my dreams without beating myself to a pulp and then beating all my relationships to a pulp as well.

Moral of the story is...if you've had to see me at my worst, which most of you probably have at one point or another this semester, I apologize.

Big Apology for Matt for taking most of the heat when I've overcooked my grits.

Shout out to Elaine for reminding me that I COULD be worse. I could be as insane as you. LoL just kidding. You're the best roomie ever, and I don't know what I'd do without you. Probably perish. Well maybe not, but I definately love rooming with someone who shares my extreme type A personality and love of randomness.

And thanks to my little bro Mark for always being the "Nice Guy" and hanging out with me. Taco Bell on Thursday night and hanging out Saturday evening helped me a lot whether you knew it or not. An evening spent at random stores with you is a gauraunteed good time. "Hey Slut" "Frogs!!" "You're KILLIN me" "Ok, I'm puttin it back BUT GOOD LUCK FINDING IT!" LoL

Anyone who has any suggestions about how I could change my life so that I can operate on a level lower than total spaz...feel free to let me know. Keep in mind that I go to school so I can get a job that will pay my living expenses, I run so that I can pay for college, and I work so that I can pay for shoes to run. And car insurance. And gas. And Penn Station. So those things can't be eliminated.

Also, I'm thinking about cutting my hair. Send me your votes on yay or nay.


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