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Monday, November 29, 2004

A Few Memorable Quotes From Thanksgiving Weekend

Amanda: So Homer has really bad fleas, and my mom was like "What are we going to do about it?" and my dad said "I know what we can do. Instead of trying to clean up all the fleas from the floor and everywhere, we'll just vaccum Homer". So I was like "You might be a redneck IF YOU VACCUM YOUR DOG".

Matt: "Oh, I thought that sign said Anal for a minute and I was like What? But it just says And."

Grandpa: Is that your sister in there cookin?
Michelle: No, that's my mom
Michelle's Dad yelling to her mom in the kitchen: Boy he's suckin up to you!!

I'm coming home from Matt's one night and the porch light is already off so I'm fumbling around with my keys trying to find the house key to get in and I look up and I can see my mom hovering by the door, clearly unsure of who is jiggling her doorknob at 1am, and too scared to open it. So I knock on the window and she opens the door and greets me with "I thought you were already in bed!" I said "Nope...I'm right here" and she says "Then what the hell is in your room?!"
That is ALMOST as good as the time my mom got up in the middle of the night, opened my door, turned on the light, stared for a minute, then turned it back off and walked back out. I had no idea what was going on, but I rolled over to go back to sleep and about 2 minutes later my cell phone starts ringing and I'm like "Who the heck would be calling me at 2:30 am?!" so I answer it and it's my MOM and she's like "WHERE ARE YOU?" and I said "IN MY BED" and she's like "No you're not! I just looked!" and I said, "I KNOW, you woke me up!"

Uncle Tim joking about Todd and Michelle buying a house before getting married: Yeah, Leslie and I were a little offended that we weren't invited to the wedding. We thought and thought and we couldn't figure out what we did to not be invited!"
Mom: I know! I'm the MOTHER and I didn't get invited!

Me reading from my baby book: "'Took Karen off of...' What does that say? Oh, fruits. 'Took Karen off of fruits'"
Matt, who clearly didn't hear me: I got it! F Suits!

Amanda: "It listed talking as one of my talents. Obviously I like to talk a lot but I always thought of it as an annoyance, not a talent."


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